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Almost exactly a year ago I was in a bad car accident. I was rear ended and had both front and rear cameras on my car to show the accident was not my fault. Enter Jocelyn Sicat! She asked me for two things, my patience and my trust. After talking through my case with her, she easily earned both of those things. Jocelyn is present, attentive, thorough, honest, and goes so far above and beyond what I could have expected. I appreciated that I always knew when we were making progress and that Jocelyn often started by saying, “Your worst case scenario is _____, but you know I never try to settle for your worst case scenario.” As a result of that, Jocelyn settled my case for almost 2x my “worst case scenario,” which is so far above and beyond anything I could have asked for! I cannot recommend Attorney Jocelyn Sicat enough! Do yourself, your friends, and your family the favor of hiring her!!